You Are Amazing - Grapefruit Glow Candle


GRAPEFRUIT GLOW 2 WICK SOY 11 OZ CANDLES - AMERICAN MADE Zesty citrus notes of bright lemon and grapefruit join layers of berry, blooms of fresh florals and a touch of honey sweetness. Perfectly balanced to create an irresistible fragrance that fills your room with a radiant glow. Our Grapefruit Glow scented candles are made with premium quality soy wax and feature dual wicks, ensuring a clean and even burn that delights your senses. At Sincere Surroundings, we believe in the art of craftsmanship and sustainability. Our candles are thoughtfully handcrafted using natural soy wax, known for its eco-friendly properties and clean-burning nature. With our Grapefruit Glow candles, you can create a vibrant and invigorating atmosphere that uplifts your mood and brightens your surroundings. Product Description: Size: 3.5" x 4.25" x 3.5" Soy 2 wick 11 oz candle Unique Wooden lid with our signature home logo
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